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Plan a Visit
Harpersville United Methodist Church

Gathering Times:


Small groups (all ages): 9:45am

Worship Gathering: 11:00am        


Children: 5:30pm

Youth: 5:30pm

What to expect:

Parking     Enter     Children     Worship     Giving     Communion     Attire

Parking: We have reserved a parking spot for you. When you enter the parking lot, drive towards the entrance of the building marked "Sanctuary". Across from the front doors, we have special parking spots reserved for our guests. Please feel free to utilize those spaces or any other available spaces in our large parking area. 

Enter: Upon arrival for worship, enter through the doors of the sanctuary. You will enter into a small foyer and be greeted by a member of our hospitality team. They will offer you a weekly worship guide and be able to answer any questions you have. Once you enter the sanctuary, feel free to sit anywhere that you feel comfortable. 

Children: We are a laid back, family oriented church. Therefore, we encourage you to keep children of all ages with you during the opening portion of the worship gathering. At one point during the service, we will invite all children forward for a brief children's lesson then dismiss bed babies and toddlers (through age 4) to our well staffed nursery. School age children are encouraged to stay and worship with their families. If you would like to take your bed baby or toddler to the nursery before worship, please let a member of our hospitality team know and they will guide you in the right direction. At the conclusion of worship, bed babies and toddlers may be picked up at the nursery. A member of our hospitality team can help you find your way or you may follow the directional signs posted through out the church building. 

We offer special children's activity guides and crayons for children through 12. A member of our hospitality team would love to provide your children with one upon request. 

Worship: Our worship gatherings include a mixture of rich historical hymns and creeds along with modern praise songs. We read scripture together from the Bible as well as a message of challenge and hope from our pastor or other speaker. Our worship gatherings typically last around one hour. 

Financial Giving: During the worship gathering, there will be an opportunity to give financially to the ministries of Harpersville United Methodist Church. We believe when we join together and give of our time, talents, financial gifts and service, we can make a larger difference in the world by feeding the hungry and providing much needed support to the marginalized. We encourage our guests not to give until you have had a chance to learn more about the ministries of the church.

Communion (The Lord's Supper or Eucharist): We typically celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of each month. However, we do celebrate at other times as well. Communion is open to all that truly repentant of sin, love their neighbors and intend to lead a new life. You do not have to be a member of our church or a United Methodist. We receive communion by moving towards the platform in a single file line. Someone will place a piece of bread in your hands. You then take the bread and dip it into a common cup of grape juice. 

Attire: We do not have a dress code at Harpersville United Methodist Church. We have some who wear blue jeans and t-shirts, others who wear suits and dresses.  

For more information or questions regarding your visit, our beliefs or communion please contact us HERE.

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